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  • All types of rotary and prismatic parts
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    All types of rotary and prismatic parts made of precise mechanics (for optical, medical and dental mechanic devices)

  • Precise spare parts for textile machines and others
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  • Special types of screws, nuts and others for small and average outputs.
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  • Special accessories for furniture from metal and plastic materials.
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  • Parts and products for welding machines and also fast-wearing parts for them
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    • MIG Range
    • Central adaptors
    • MIG/MAG hand welding torches
    • Cable support
    • Trigger
    • Swan necks and spare parts
    • Nozzle support
    • Handles support
    • Fitting
    • Torch connector
    • Adaptor nut
    • Contact tip holder
    • Gas diffuser
    • Collet for liner
    • Nut
    • Torch head
    • Valve

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